The Gates of Edge Hill Development

300 Single Family Units Homes, with clubhouse Infinity pool & Amenities, Underground Electrical Power Lines, Sewage Network & Treatment Plant. Water Supply Network & Hydrants, Storm drainage Disposal & Detention Pond, Gated Community with secured perimeter fencing & front boundary walls, concrete roads & sidewalks, Landscaping. Insitu Reinforced concrete walls, Timber Framed roof with Alu-Steel Cladding Porcelain Tiles, UPVC Windows  

Edgehill Homes Ltd
Standard Lot Size:
15.0m x 30m (49.21’ x 98.42’) = 450 sq.m (4,844 sq.ft.)
To Be Completed:
June 2018 through April 2020
St. Mary, Jamaica
Project Manager:
Complete Development Solutions Limited.

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Site Progress November 7, 2017

Site Progress January 18, 2018

Site Progress February 2, 2018

Site Progress February 26, 2018

Site Progress March 23, 2018

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35% Overall Progress